What’s your favorite track?

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This actually looks amazing

"You have to remember that no champion has ever won everything. We all start out as newbies. We all lose. But you know what separates the champions? They use their losses as fuel to not stay in the same condition. They will make all sorts of sacrifices and spend countless hours improving theirselves. They, in the end, will rise up because they have put all of their loss into work, which almost always results in success."
— My beginning of xc season thoughts (via longdistancetrackgirl)

(Source: theolrecipebook)


Malaysia: MH17

Ukraine: Russian Militants & Prime Minister Resigning

Gaza: More than 600 Palestinians have been reported dead in the past 15 days. Also 3,700 are wounded.

Syria: 3 year civil war; 1,700 killed in the past week while 150,000 have died overall.

Iraq: 1/3 controlled by…